Sunday, September 30, 2012

Upcoming Travel and Events

Well, in less than 48 hours, I'll be winging my way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to meet my friend, Michelle, and to head up to Santa Fe, Chimayo and Taos.  This is our annual trek to the Taos Wool Festival -- this year, the weekend of October 6th and 7th.  We take some extra days for fun and relaxation and to rejuvenate and get our bearings.  A couple of days/nights in Chimayo at the Casa Escondida B&B works wonders on the soul, especially stretching out on our deck in the chaise lounges at night, glass of wine in hand and watching the stars and the Milky Way.  Then off to the Old Taos Guesthouse for the remainder of our stay -- always feels like home.  Lots of stitching and knitting in the back garden.

Casa Escondida

 Old Taos Guesthouse

Upon our return, both Michelle and I will be finishing up our preparations for the Artistic License Fair, Friday and Saturday, October 26th and 27th in Costa Mesa, CA, at Estancia Park.  For more information, visit:

Some felted scarves I'll have in my booth at Artistic License.

The following weekend on Sunday, November 4th, I'll be participating as a vendor (with my friend Margie Bell) in the Weaving and Fiber Festival at the Torrance Cultural Center.  For more information, visit:

This is a wonderful local fiber show with many great vendors, indy dyers, etc. hosted by the Southern California Handweavers Guild --  an annual event that draws fiber enthusiasts from all over Southern California.  Hope to see you there.  

During this next month and until after the November 4th fiber fest in Torrance, my Etsy shop will be closed but I will reopen shortly after that.  


Merna said...

Lori, thanks so much for your detailed reports of the India Flint workshop. It was so much fun to read!

Have a great time in New Mexico, looking forward to seeing you in Torrance. ... Merna

Taos Sunflower said...

Have a great trip to Taos, Lori. Wish I would be there to say hi. PS Your scarves are gorgeous (but all your work is). Best of luck with all your shows/sales!

i felt like it said...

Hi Lori,
These scarves look wonderful! I love the stitching, isn't it fun how much texture it adds to the felt. Thanks for your comment on my blog...I used some of your wool in the runner, the purple berries are your pollwarth. The garments you dyed in the post after this one are stunning! I would love to talk to you about your workshop with India Flint sometime. Take care! Terry

Sarah said...

I love the first purple art felt the most!!!! Great bunch of inspiring creations, Lori! Oh...someday I would love to visit Taos.