Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring activities

A quick check in.  I have been very busy going through my bins of fibers and dyeing rovings for the past while.  My roving inventory was dwindling as I spun more and more yarn.  And I needed colors from which to choose and needed to perk up my inventory.  This has kept me out in the dye studio quite a bit.  But, as it started warming up and I was getting a taste of summer, I decided to take some time away from working and moseyed over to the great nursery down the road on Mother's Day.  Okay, so I got obsessed with succulents.  You know, there are so, so many different ones. So every weekend, I have been planting succulents in all the many empty pots I have found around our yard, and I've bought some, too.  These are just a few of the 30+ pots I have planted.  And, the good news is that I have such a great variety, I can propagate them.  Found a great blog on how to do that. 

And in the evenings, I plunk myself down at my spinning wheel, watch Netflix, and spin yarn, with a nice glass of wine by my side.  

Baby camel/merino wool/silk

Gray merino wool overdyed and mixed Blueface Leicester wool

Gray merino wool overdyed and mixed Blueface Leicester wool 

And I used my Mother's Day gift certificate to buy this beautiful book on Indigo.

Life ain't that bad at all here in San Juan Capistrano.