Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Felting Experiments Continue

I have been continuing with my exploration of wet felting.  I am intrigued by the different flowers I can create using a wet felting technique.  Then, they come alive when I stitch on them with my handspun yarn and add a felted bead and some glass beads.

This particular felted flower found itself in the onion skin dye bath that I had going. It came out a beautiful bronze.  So glad I took that leap of faith and threw it in the onion dye bath.

I had another idea swimming around in my head for a few weeks -- to needle felt on some prefelt to create a textural piece.  After wet felting, I then dyed it.  This will make a nice table runner.

Now, I am anxious to create even more texture on a felted piece.  This week is going to be lots of fun.  And thankfully the heat wave of last week has passed, making it easier to work.