Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh, my word!! When I logged on and saw the last time I posted, it was a bit shocking. I have definitely been neglecting my blog. What with having a pre-Christmas flood in my house and having all the repair work done. Then removing everything out of every room to have new tile and carpeting installed and then . . . going through everything before putting it back. So much was thrown out -- stuff, you know -- that stuff that accumulates over 20+ years. And then there's getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering in between. Well, when put like that, it's no wonder I've been distracted from posting here.

So happy that it's finally warming up. . . I think. My Eden roses are magnificent. I've made some bundles of lavender that are hanging in my studio. Hope we've seen the last of the cold weather for a while.
Lots of flowers.
Bougainvilla in bloom.
My tomatoes are in. Marigolds and coreopsis planted -- good dye plants.
Took a few days off recently to spend time in Cambria, along the "Gold Coast", with two of my high school girlfriends. Nonstop gabbing for four days -- can you believe that after 44 years? Totally, one of the best times ever.
And in between "life" as it happens, I've been readying fibers for Black Sheep Gathering.

Black Sheep Gathering is set for June 24, 25 and 26 in Eugene, OR, at the Lane County Fairgrounds. I will be sharing the booth again with my friend, Miryha, of Blarney Yarns. We'll be in Booths 49 and 50 and will have lots of good fibery things. Miryha also plans on having some handmade soaps. This is definitely one of the best fiber/wool festivals on the West Coast. Hope to see lots of our friends there.