Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Eco dyeing fun

I've signed up for a four-day felting class with Pam De Groot in September at the Eugene Textile Center. []  It's called "Freedom Construction".  Here's the description of the class:

"We will produce prefelt yardage to create garments with twist, pocketing and swales using minimal patterns. We will exploit the amazing properties of felt for garment creation.  Once finished, we will naturally print the pieces.  This course challenges the maker to trust the process of discovery and let their creativity run free.  Be prepared for a roller coaster ride! 4 days."

In preparation for my class, I decided to do a little eco-printing yesterday just to see if I still have the basics.  Both of these were done on silk scarves/shawls.

Can't wait to get on the roller coaster ride and learn more about garment construction from Pam De Groot and then to see what comes out of the class.  It's always so much fun to see the variations in creativity of the finished work of each participant.  This is a class I just could not pass up.