Thursday, September 27, 2012

August Workshop with India Flint -- Our Wayfayer's Wanderbooks

The afternoon of our third day with India brought us to the construction of our Wanderbooks.  It was very quiet indeed as everyone pieced together the fruits of their labors over the course of the workshop.  Here are the books displayed out on the grass. They are basically works in progress, because there are so many nooks and folds where little treasures and maybe new little books can be tucked away.  


Each and every one of these books was so special and unique, and I think every person walked away from India's workshop very happy and with a profound sense of accomplishment.  These three days were truly one of the best workshops I have ever taken and I hope that India, in her wanderings, passes this way again. 


india flint said...

these are lovely images, Lori

Terrie said...

Truly each piece is art of piece! They are awesome and unique. India is brilliant!

Bookhandler said...

I attended this class and am so delighted to be reminded of it with your posts. It is such a pleasure to come across it this evening.
Nancy Lemke
Oct. 25, 2013