Tuesday, September 25, 2012

August Workshop with India Flint - Day Two

Day Two brought the opening of new bundles set into the dyepot at the end of our first day.  

 The next ones we opened, just blew us away.  So amazing.

 Each one so unique.

 No disappointments.  All just beautiful!

Later in the morning, we embarked upon an exploratory walk through Darcy's neighborhood and into a little wooded area filled with Eucalyptus trees.  Along the way, we stopped, and India identified plants and we gathered some windfall leaves for our next dyepot.
 A group of fennel plants.
 Towards the end of the afternoon, we opened a new batch of bundles.

 They just seem to keep getting better with every dyepot.

 This one is mine.  Eucalyptus leaves imprinted on watercolor paper.
 The coffee filter on which I stitched silk, appliques and embroidered.

 Stitching on rice paper.

At the end of the afternoon, new bundles went into the dyepots and we went off to dinner.  After dinner, an evening stroll along the beach in glorious Santa Barbara.  
We came upon a drum circle of about 20 drummers with all types of drums and with a serious beat that you could feel to your core.  It was mesmerizing ---  especially to a couple of wild dancers.

 Some cool architecture.

And where is all this stitching and dyeing going to end up?  We asked ourselves this question at the end of the day, but we decided we were happy not knowing -- we loved that we were on a journey of anticipation.  Day Three coming up.

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Lynn said...

I am usually a little shy about commenting but wanted to say thank you for posting about your workshop experience- those bundles are magical-I am looking forward to attending a workshop with India in Cleveland in just a few short weeks so this sneak peek is very special. So excited.