Wednesday, September 26, 2012

August Workshop with India Flint - Day Three

Day Three of our fabulous adventure with India arrived and, of course, the opening of the bundles we had placed in the dyepot at the end of the previous day.  Again, we encountered magic as we opened our new work.  Each person layed their opened bundles on the wooden deck and we walked around marveling at the natural beauty of our creations, each person's work so unique with the many different materials used.
One of our bundles was wrapped in a bamboo sushi mat.

Some of our papers were folded to make little books with pockets.

More stitching of fabric on paper, too.

On student used some lace fabric from the sleeve of her wedding dress.

The prints on cold pressed water color paper were pretty amazing.

These pieces almost had an ancient look to them.

India shared some of her eco printed cloth with us. A beautiful wool shawl.
A pieced quilt.
We all gathered on the grass under a tree and India gave each of us a piece of newspaper that she had torn up.  She asked us to pick out nine meaningful words from the paper and write them down. We then went around the circle nine times reading one of our words each time.
She then gave us a bit of time to write a small poem using our words and then we each read our poem. What a lovely experience it was.
Finally, Darcy (our most wonderful host) gave each of us a small present of a rolled bundle she had dyed a few weeks before.
 It was a lovely piece of silk -- rust  and brown in color.
Before our break for lunch, India finally revealed that we would use each of the pieces we had dyed during the workshop to fabricate our Wayfayer's Wanderbook.  Our largest sheet of paper, on which we had painted with inks made of blueberries and walnuts, was folded in a way that created many nooks and we could insert little books and other things within this larger book.  
Final instructions for the morning were on how to sew our little books into the larger book.

Next -- our lovely books completed -- well, our works in progress.  


Wen Redmond said...

Some day! I WILL take a workshop with India! These are stunning!

Kathy Barclay said...

Just joined this blog, just discovered Eco printing, how great is this!
Thank you for sharing your experiences, would really love to
attend a workshop one day.