Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plying Results -- Yes!

Just a short post today -- I've got a very busy day ahead of me.  Here are the results of my plying two different Inglenook Fibers batts together.  One batt was called "Ilsa" and the other was "Moss Rose".  I tried very hard to capture the colors of this skein but it is a bit brighter than in the photos.  I ended up with 420 yards (5.3 oz.).  I still have a small amount on one bobbin but I'll ply that with something else and use in a small treasure bag.  [Click on the pictures for a larger view.]

I am off to have brunch with three of my high school classmates -- sort of a mini reunion.  Of all the friends I have had over the years with whom I am still in contact, I have known these women the longest, since sixth grade, junior high and freshman year high school -- over 50 years.  OMG!!  Where does the time go?  It is hilarious, though, because when we get together it's almost as if no time has passed.  I love that we are all very active, busy working, never a dull moment nor a lull in the conversation.  

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