Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Checking In


I've been working hard getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering -- which will be held Friday through Sunday, June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th this year at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene, OR.  I've got to be ready by the first week of June, though, because on June 9th, I'm off to Shakerag Workshops, in Sewanee, TN, to attend a weeklong workshop with the most talented Jean Cacicedo (from Berkeley).  So, this week has been the week of "Pastiche" -- putting together bags of a luscious blend of fibers and whatnot for spinning art yarns. 

This one, I call "Fairy Dust" because it reminds me of little girls and ballerinas. It's actually all full of sparkly things.  Some day I'll figure out how to be a better photographer.

Almost 40 bags -- maybe 50 to take to BSG??

I continue to work on a crocheted triangle shawl using my handspun yarn.  I keep trying it on and then conclude it's still not big enough.  This is so fun and so easy.  I think Miryha plans to have the pattern in our booth at Black Sheep Gathering.

I had planned on spinning more of the yarn that I used to start this shawl, but looked around in my stash and came up with a skein that seems to work well --  the beauty of handspun.  This was two of my colorways plied together:  "Fleuret" and "Vintage Merlo".  Blueface Leicester wool and silk. 
During my evening times of relaxing with a glass of wine, I managed to spin a yarn using one of my handpainted rovings of merino/yak/silk (my "Brandywine" colorway) plied with a custom batt from Inglenook Fibers that had colors of chartreuse, lime, plum, purple and black.  (430 yards, 6 oz.)  Of course, the little sparklies don't show up. 

So I've checked in, all is well in the world of fiber, and I'm back to work. Looking forward to seeing all my fiber friends in June at Black Sheep.   


Sarah said...

I heart your Fairy Dust. What wonderful splash of colors. You are truly amazing, Lori. I can't wait to see you next month. Can I come and hang out? Do you or your partner need a runner/helper??

I have been wanting to spin art yarn. Sadly, my fingers don't want to do what the heart wants. Not at the moment. My thread somehow always finds its way to fine lace-weight.

Thanks for the overflowing pool of inspiration. And, have a wonderful mother's day :D


marta traughber said...

Your batts are beautiful!