Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fibery Stuff

In between dyeing and preparing for Black Sheep Gathering, I have been doing some knitting and spinning.  I finished the "Blossoms by the Brook" shawlette.  I think it turned out quite nice. This is a very easy pattern to follow and it looks so detailed. And it's a free pattern on!

I liked the "Blossoms in the Brook" pattern so much, I started one in my handpainted sock yarn and it's half done. 

But, before I could finish it, I started knitting a tam with my sock yarn so that I can finish writing up the pattern.  That's just how it goes.

I originally knit the tam using a couple of skeins of my handspun yarn and one of my friends liked it so much, I think it will be her birthday present.  Thought I better memorialize the pattern.  

And I've been dyeing things in my crockpot on a daily basis.  So easy, just put the fiber in and forget about it until the end of the day.  I dyed some merino/bombyx silk (50-50) and Polwarth wool/silk in the same pot, and then I did a batch of kid mohair the next day.  I've been spinning the two together, and then adding mohair curls as I spin along. What fun!
Just checking in.  Now, back to work.  

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