Saturday, April 07, 2012

Busy Times

Well, it all of a sudden dawned on me that I am down to "weeks" not months to prepare for Black Sheep Gathering. It always sneaks up on me. Yikes!!  I'm going to visit my friend in Seattle on April 14th for a week.  There goes one of my precious weeks.  And I have to be completely prepared by the end of the first week of June because I am going to attend the weeklong Shakerag workshops in Tennessee beginning June 10th.  When I get home, it's pack the car and head up to Oregon with Miryha.  So, it's now serious time. Handpainted rovings in the sink waiting to be rinsed.  There's merino/Tibetan yak/silk, and baby camel/merino/silk, and polwarth/silk and merino/silk/angora.
 Here are some rovings fresh from the drying rack and ready to be split down into hanks.
And after a long day of standing in my studio, dyeing, I relax in the evening either spinning or knitting. I finished the Adamas shawl that I had been working on.  It is really quite lovely and the pictures don't do the colors justice. 
The skein I used to knit Adamas was my handspun yarn, using Blarney Yarn "Orchid", a blend of merino/cashmere/angora, and my "Seychelles", a blend of merino/silk/angora.  It's got quite a little bloom on it from handling the yarn during knitting.  The skein I used was similar to the one below, but slightly different.  
Here's a skein of baby camel/merino/silk that I spun using my "Banana Slug" colorway.  This is a new fiber blend for me and before I sell something new, I always like to spin some to see how it works out.  I love this!  Incredibly soft and spins quite easily.
Now, back to multi-tasking -- making homemade pasta sauce and handpainting rovings -- running back and forth from studio to kitchen, and a couple loads of laundry.


Sarah said...

Multitasking queen that you are! I can't wait to see all these glorious hand-painted, hand-dyed roving and your handspun yarn at BSG. Will you be wearing Adam too? It's absolutely gorgeous. I think I may just knit a shawl...soon :D

Happy Easter, Lori.


Taos Sunflower said...

As always, your rovings are just gorgeous. I love banana slug, both the name and the color! PS Your shawl looks like it was great fun to knit...

i felt like it said...

This year I'm finally planning on going to the Black Sheep Gathering and I can't wait to see all your lovely colors in one place as well as, hopefully, meeting their creator! I'm going to have to learn how to spin, the yarns you make are beautiful too.
All the best,
Terry Heintz