Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Several months ago, I discovered a fiber shop on Etsy and immediately marked it as one of my favorite shops.  I was drawn to the colorful batts for sale -- all my most favorite colors.  Every few days, I would lurk around viewing the various "roly poly" batts on Inglenook Fibers.  I think the problem was, I couldn't make up my mind which ones I like best; because I liked them all!!  Well, last week, after months of lurking, oo'ing and ah'ing, I couldn't stand it any longer and started filling up my Etsy cart.  Yesterday, a box appeared at my front door.  I wasted no time breaking into my newest fiber purchase.  Oh, joy!  Look what arrived:

I was not to be disappointed.  They were every bit as beautiful as I had imagined:  colors like Connemara Marble, Ilsa, Moss Rose, Hedgerow, and Dancing Lawn. Most of the batts include merino, silk, alpaca, wool, bamboo, angora, silk noil, flax, and bits of sparkly from firestar and angelina.  Below is Robin's Nest.

I opened up Robin's Nest last evening and readied the batt for spinning.

I took each 1 oz. ball of Robin's Nest and spun it differently.  The first skein I spun as a bulky singles adding some colorful kid mohair locks into the fiber as I spun.  I then plied the bulky singles with a laceweight silk/mohair yarn that I had dyed in variegated colors. For the second ball, I spun a fingering weight single and then plied it on itself.  I love both of these skeins.  And the batts spun so easily.

Last week I had spun some natural colored baby camel/merino/silk (40-40-20) in a two-ply fingering weight.  I ended up with 500 yards and then kettle dyed my skein in colors of charteuse and mustard gold.  I was going to knit socks from this skein, but this morning, I had a brainstorm.  The "Connemara Marble" batts from Inglenook Fibers will go perfectly with my skein.  I see a sweater or a vest in the future. Guess what I'm spinning tonight.
The creator behind Inglenook Fibers' beautiful batts is Macrina Galarneau of Brookline, MA.  She has a most wonderful color sense.  Here's her Etsy shop:  www.InglenookFibers.etsy.com

After posting my completed Adamas shawl the other day, I decided to make a little treasure bag with the left over yarn.  
And I just have to post a picture of my garden that is all abloom and we got our tomato plants in.  Spring has definitely arrived.  So, why did the Channel 7 weatherman announce a winter storm warning, with prediction of snow?  I'm confused.

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Sarah said...

Amazing speed and gorgeous handspun! Those batts are delish blend of wonderful fibers. Hurry and knit them up, Ms. Lori. I am dying to see what how they would look...

What a beautiful spring in your pad. I am longing to be in a sunny patch, right now. Enjoy the glorious paradise you nurture and weave together :D