Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time "Marches" On

OMG!!  Where does the time go?  It is almost the end of March; and in less than three months, Miryha and I will be motoring our way up to Eugene, OR, for Black Sheep Gathering. With that in mind, I have been very busy dyeing up a storm -- fiber and yarns for BSG and for my Etsy shop.  I'm all atwitter, like the little finches in my yard. There are so many finches in my yard that the bird feeders have to be replenished every day. I just love the little peep-peep conversations that go back and forth.

I've been dyeing some new fiber blends and am loving them.  Here is baby camel/merino wool/cultivated silk (40/40/20), so unbelievably soft.
A blend of mixed Blueface Leicester Wools (black and cream BFL) with Tussah Silk. Oh, yum!

How about Polwarth Wool and Tussah Silk?  Oh, yes!

Cubbies are beginning to fill up again.

So . . . if I'm not as diligent a blogger as I should be -- now you know. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends up at BSG in June.

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Sarah said...

Love Southern California new buds and winged critters. It's so vibrant and full of life. So are your hand-dyed roving! Have you seen Jazz-Knitting? I can see some gorgeous peacocks and butterflies knitted up in your silky goodness! I know...time sure flies. I felt so unproductive in the first quarter. Time to kick into higher gear...See you in June :D Happy spinning, dyeing, felting...creates away :D