Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surfing around this morning, I came across a blog entitled "Purple Stockings" on which the writer had posted a picture of this doll.  I thought this was the cutest ever.  I covet this little lovely -- as do many others, I am sure.

Yesterday, I finished knitting another little artsy neck warmer, using my colorful variegated handspun yarn.  This time, I knitted a lace edging and stitched it to a lacey ruffled neck piece.  The knit edging is from a wimple in one of my lace knitting books, Lace Style.  I didn't like the rest of the wimple but I liked the edging.

I have so many skeins of beautiful handspun calling me, it's hard not to knit day and night. Knitting with handspun is addicting, so I started experimenting last night with little mitered squares of color after I saw a number of projects done by Ravelers using Vivian Hoxbro patterns. They are amazing when knit with variegated handspuns. One in particular was beautiful:  the modular scarf knit by "Llunallama" on Ravelry. And after seeing a sweater knit by my NY friend, Jan, -- the African Domino Cardigan -- when she visited last November, I bought the book Knitting out of Africa.  Lots of fun ideas swirling around.   

Yesterday, Margie finished weaving her ginormous handspun blanket.  I didn't fully appreciate how big it was until we actually took it off the loom.  Here it is still on the loom, and down to the end of the warp.  

This was a double weave, so it has two layers with a fold at one side.  Here, Margie has finished untying the warp, and she's opening up the width of the blanket.

Twisting the fringe is a must, otherwise, the ends could make a big mess when the blanket is washed and fulled.  (I knew those old encyclopedias would come in handy for something.)

Fringe finished on one end of the blanket.

Here it is fully layed out on the floor.  Those are 12" tiles, so the blanket is about 8 feet long and 5 feet wide -- and don't forget -- all handspun from fleeces Margie bought and processed herself.  Quite the project!  

I hear warmer weather is in store for the weekend, perhaps 80 degrees, so it should be a gorgeous day for our spinning workshop with Janel Laidman.  Everyone is getting very excited.  And Janel promises to bring some of her books "The Eclectic Sole".  


shizzknits said...

The scarf is gorgeous!!!! Love the lacy edging. And Margie's blanket turned out wonderfully. It may be huge, but that' perfect for snuggling under.

Miryha said...

Lori - wow to both you and Margie! Your handspun projects are always so beautiful and inspiring. And I am in awe of Margie's beautiful throw.