Monday, February 02, 2009

Last Saturday, I hosted a spinning workshop at my house (on behalf of South Coast Weavers and Spinners Guild).  Janel Laidman, author of "The Eclectic Sole" and master of the Spindilicity website, was our workshop leader. There were 12 spinner participants and we all had the best time, learned so much and left with lots of colorful handspun yarns and new techniques.

After each exercise, we wound our yarn on cards so that we could see the color sequencing.
These are just some of the wraps.  Gorgeous!  
And Janel was so generous -- she signed books and then gifted everyone a 2009 Spindilicity calendar.   The latest issue of Spindilicity is now up:

And here I was flipping through the calendar when July's picture came up.  I was more than surprised to see a great picture of one of my Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio rovings -- Chili Peppers.  What a great treat!  

So, on Sunday, I just had to swatch with some of the yarns I had spun in Janel's workshop. Granny squares with handspun yarn are more than lovely. 

Closeup of one of my singles yarns crocheted into a granny square.

Here's the fake Noro square.

And I'm working on a capelet with some of my handspun yarn.  

Another reminder -- the Association of Southern California Handweaver's conference will be March 4 through 7.  For more information, here's the site: 

Puxatawney Phil saw his shadow today -- six more weeks of winter!  All for now. 

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