Saturday, January 24, 2009

It felt very good this week to have completed the yarn and pattern for The Yarn Tree's (Brooklyn NY) sock club and I heaved a big sigh of satisfaction as I took the box of yarn to UPS on Wednesday.  That done, on Thursday, I began work on my next adventure -- the Association of Southern California Handweavers' conference set for March 4th through 7th. [] I had started to slowly gear up for this show but now the serious dyeing has begun.  I had a hankering for some orange and turquoise and then afterwards said OMG!  So I decided to spin some of this orangey creation and I actually surprised myself -- I like it!  Margie will be so happy to know that the dreaded orange is getting under my skin.  
Although the orange just screams at me in the roving -- it doesn't look like a very loud scream, does it? -- it blends in so nicely when attenuated and spun, and I further toned it down by plying with another new colorway.  

This morning I drove up to West L.A. with Karen and Margie so that we could attend a meeting of the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild. We left about 7:30 a.m. and encountered rainy mist and several small rainstorms on the way.  We had been wanting to go for ages and it was well worth the trip.  All three of us joined as members. There were at least 40 spinners in attendance.  We arrived to find spinners already setting up their wheels. 
Nancy Boerman of Custom Handweaving was setting up a mini store with tons of books, fibers and other spinning things.

We saw many new faces as well as many who are already friends.  Here's Karen on the left and Jerry on the right.

After the business meeting, Janel Laidman gave a program on how to be the boss of your yarn, very informative.  It was so great to see such a large group of spinners congregating and everyone so friendly and helpful. 

After leaving the GLASG meeting, we ventured over to Manhattan Beach to visit a yarn store about which we'd been hearing great things.  What a delightful shop!  Cathy has transformed a small space into a very colorful, artsy shop, with wonderful displays, lots of beautiful samples.  The yarns are all unique.  She also carries some very nice spinning fiber, Chasing Rainbows and some under Cathy's own Twist label.  And for once, I can say that there is not a yarn in Twist that I wouldn't want to knit with.  

What a nice way to spend a Saturday!

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shizzknits said...

I love the new colors! I'm with Margie- Orange is the new black LOL Everyone should love orange!! :) Sounds like the spinning meeting was really fun- it would be neat to be in a room with all those spinners!