Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spin, Spin

Since returning from Tennessee and Oregon, I have been doing a lot of spinning. Spinning got me recentered and relaxed after two weeks+ of traveling.  These skeins are some of my July spinning.  This first one is a two-ply fingering weight.  I used a 50/50 merino/bombyx silk roving (from Red Fish Dyeworks at Convergence in Long Beach) plied with a 75/25 blueface leicester wool/tussah silk roving from Woolgatherings. This skein has 864 yards and weighs 8.3 oz.

For this next skein, I spun a batt from Inglenook Fibers that Macrina called "The Doctor". It's a two-ply fingering weight (my favorite to knit with).  I plied the Inglenook batt with one of my Capistrano Fiber Arts handpainted rovings called "Sapphire Skies", 75% blueface leicester/25% tussah silk.  This skein has 556 yards and weighs 7.0 oz.

For this skein, I used another of the Inglenook Fibers batts called "Briar Rose" and plied it with another Woolgatherings roving of 75% blueface leicester/25% tussah silk. This skein is a two-ply fingering weight and has 452 yards and weighs 5.8 oz.  

Besides loving to spin, I have a purpose in spinning all these large skeins.  My intent  is to  put together some pattern kits with my handspun yarn.  So, back to spinning.

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nahlinse said...

Beautiful. i love how you've combined the different tops by plying the together. This is something I also do a lot - the result is often surprising but mostly awesome.