Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am loving my continuing experimentations with India Flint's eco print process. In between things I must do, I have my rolled up bundles simmering in the dyepot and I am really testing my ability to be patient. I know I can do better on that score, but it is, oh, so hard, to stop myself from opening up the bundle to see what magic might have happened. A couple of experiments -- a silk camisole.

Close up.
The back.
A silk tank top -- the back.
I am also working on a sweater knit with my handspun yarns -- the background of the sweater is knit with a gray CVM fleece I purchased at Taos Wool Festival last year and washed, carded and spun. Here's a teaser of the sleeve. I have about four rows to go on the collar and then I'll be done. Yahoo!! I'll be able to wear it at Taos this year.
Summer camp at Golden Gate Fiber Institute in coming up in about two weeks. I am more than excited to be taking drop spindling with Abby Franquemont and spinning art yarns with Jacey Boggs. What a "grand" time we will have, as Judith M would say.

Freezing our butts here in So.Cal. -- just heard we have had some of the coldest July temps on record. Of course, last week, we were in the low 100's and having heat stroke. Can't we just have some regular summer weather??

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Anne said...

Absolutely LOVE your dyed tank top....and your sleeve....can you please hurry up and finish the thing and show us LOL!!!