Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A couple of years ago I bought an amazing book from Australian fiber artist, India Flint -- "Eco Colour". It wasn't available in the U.S., until recently, so I bought it through an Australian textile association. Since reading her book, I have been totally intrigued with the idea of using plant materials and other things to print on fabric.
Then I found out that India Flint was going to do week-long intensive classes at the Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee this summer. (I've been to Shakerag twice before.) I was so excited, only to find out the classes fell at the same time as the Black Sheep Gathering. Drat! Well, I have been able to vicariously experience India's workshop through my friend, Michelle, who was able to get into one of the workshops in June. When I saw what Michelle accomplished during her class and afterwards, I was awestruck -----

I have now read India's book cover-to-cover again and parts of it several times and have been doing my own experiments. To say that I am obsessed is an understatement, and at this rate, my garden is going to be decimated. Here are a few experiments.
Scented geraniums.
Eucalyptus leaves.

Madder root on silk.
Fresh and windfallen eucaplytus leaves.

The experiments continue!!

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iNdi@ said...

what a small whirled it is...glad you're having fun. regret am flying out of SFO on Monday
but i'll be back!