Friday, September 18, 2009

This week I decided to experiment a bit with some of the other Habu yarns in my stash. I put a warp on my loom sett at 15 epi and 9 inches wide. In both the warp and weft, I used Habu overtwisted wool crepe (white) and Habu wool and stainless steel (black). I alternated these yarns in one inch sections, both warp and weft. I used a very light hand in weaving to create a gauzy fabric. Here is the scarf just off the loom -- very gauzy and black and white squares.
A close up view.
After taking the scarf off the loom, I laid it out and painted it with some dyes and then steamed it to set the dyes. As soon as it was out of the steamer pot, I placed it in some cold water and then hot soapy water and agitated it vigorously to full it. Here's the finished scarf. Quite gauzy, artsy and light as a feather. I like!
I am really having fun with the unique and unusual Habu yarns. Excited about trying more of them.


Sandy said...

Lori - this scarf is just beautiful! i just wish i could have a chance to touch it... mmmm, it looks so scrumptious!

Jocelyn said...

Ooh, that turned out beautifully! I bet it's wonderful to wear, too.

Mary said...

This scarf is amazing! I love it, Lori! I just got a used Schacht table loom yesterday from someone in my guild and seeing your work is so inspiring to me! Also hoping you'll be adding new fibers to your Etsy shop soon too! :) Take care, Mary