Monday, August 10, 2009

I saw these pictures on someone's blog today and just had to share. Is this the handspinner's dream wedding? Apparently this bride made her wedding dress using fleece and locks from her own award winning handspinner's flock of rare Lincoln Longwool sheep -- she's from the UK. I think this is one of the best wedding dresses I have ever seen.

Speaking of fleece, I have made a significant dent in the washed fleeces I have piled up around here. My goal is to card all of my fleeces (all five) before I go to the Taos Wool Festival in early October so I can justify buying more. This is a charcoal gray CVM that I bought from Windy Hill Farms (Dawn and Mike DeFreece) of Casper, Wyoming. A lovely fleece with only a few pieces of grass -- so, so nice -- about 2 1/2 pounds worth.
As you can see, I have started spinning this up. I have another two full bobbins on the lazy kate waiting to be plied. This is going to be a sweater, probably with cables and horn buttons.
I came home from Golden Gate Fiber Institute to find that my tomato bushes had gone berserk -- all tomatoes ripening at once. I have three more BIG bowls of these beauties, ready to be made into marinara sauce. I so love homegrown tomatoes and once you grow your own, you can never eat another pale pink store bought tomato.
A beautiful palm down at the beach. I love the lacey fronds of flowers hanging down.
And here's why I love living in South Orange County. Yes, there is traffic, lots of people, but in 10 minutes, every summer evening, we can be down at the shore eating our dinner on the beach and watching the sun go down. Yes, it would be hard to beat this.

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