Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I continue to work on fibery things that I have been wanting to do -- while working on getting ready for the Artistic License Fair (Oct. 23rd and 24th) and the Torrance Fiber Fest (Sunday, Nov. 1st). I have been dyeing some new fibers, including merino/yak (50-50) and some mixed Blueface Leicester wool and superwash BFL. Here's a sampling of what I'll have on hand at those shows:
Last Friday, our little spinning group met down in Encinitas at Common Threads yarn store. We had the largest turnout yet, 10 spinners. How cool is that?
A couple days before that, my friend, Miryha, and I got together to do some lichen dyeing using the lichen we collected on our way back from Oregon in June. We used some undyed Blueface Leicester yarn. One batch was simmered for about 24 hours in a crockpot.
The other batch was done on the side burner of my barbeque, since this type of dyeing seems to make quite a smell in the house.
Here is the finished yarn. The skeins on the right are from the crockpot.
In between all of my other projects, I managed to finish my "Badlands" scarf -- knit with my handspun using Rovings.com polwarth handpainted roving.
And here is another felting work in progress. This is from the hand-dyed silk chiffon that I posted a week ago.

Close up.

Here's the back.
I must like doing this felting because I ordered more silk gauze and more needle felting supplies from Dharma today.

And really good news from the weatherman -- a heat wave is on the way -- actually, it's arrived. Temps will be in the 90's and 100's. I am so ready for Fall.

The other good news I learned this week is that Morgaine has posted the dates for Golden Gate Fiber Institute for Summer 2010: August 8th through 15th. I am so there!

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