Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Leaf Prints

In the past couple of weeks (with Fall and Winter shows looming), I decided to get out the dyepots and get my dyeing mojo back on.  I have just been having the best time.  Using a stash of silk scarves that provided the canvas for some beautiful leaf prints, I began dyeing with local eucalyptus I collected and plants from my garden. Days have been spent rolling up leaves in between the folds of fabric, and then after hours of simmering and stoking the dyepots, the "reveal", hoping for success and not a big disappointment.  Just a smattering of the results:

 And a little experimentation with wool fabric.

Very happy with the results but not as happy as I am about the drops of water falling from the sky. Yes, it's true, we've had a bit of rain thanks to Hurricane Paine in Baja California.

Some additional results on silk -- hanging to dry.  They are a little more intense when wet and will be a little more subdued when dry and ironed.