Sunday, April 10, 2016

Winter Hibernation is Over

I have been hunkered down this Winter, chilling out, traveling, knitting a bunch, and doing lots and lots of handspinning. Having my first grand baby in February has also caused other interests to take a back seat -- but a very welcome back seat -- as you can see. 

So, Spring has sprung, all of my roses are blooming, and we're having April showers. The nice cool weather got my juices flowing and over the past few days, I got back into doing some dyeing.  My roving inventory was getting down, and I need to have lots of choices when I decide I want to spin.  Now I've got some choices!!

Happy Springtime!  This is also time to finish up my plans for attending Black Sheep Gathering at the end of June and the Taos Wool Festival in early October.  

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ARTISUN said...

Congrats Grandma, what a cutie patootie :)