Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Playing with fibers

As I've said many times before, one of the things I love to do is handspin.  Here are a couple of skeins I recently spun.

This yarn was spun using one of Inglenook Fibers' batts called "Dandelion Wine" that I then plied with a Rainbow Farms batt of pygora, polwarth wool and silk. These are some of my favorite greens.  This weighs 6.4 oz. and has 444 yards of loveliness.

Again, I used an Inglenook Fibers batt called "Nor'Easter" and plied it with a Blueface Leicester/silk roving from Woolgatherings.  I think this skein is destined to be knit into socks.  It weighs 5.0 oz.and has 340 yards.

Every week, I continue to play around with making felt.  I just love this and need to make a bigger piece.  This is only about 11" x 14".  

And, finally, I stopped by the LYS called Yarn Del Sol in Mission Viejo and found two lovely ceramic buttons that screamed take me home.  And I did.

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Pam Carlson said...

Lori, I absolutely love the piece with the leaves and tendrils. Gorgeous!