Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello Again!

I have decided it's time for me to crawl out from under my rock.  Not that I have been stagnating.  No, not me.  I have been steadily busy since I last posted -- always with the overriding buzz in my head that I need to post on my blog. I worked so hard during the year, I needed a little break. After my show season ended in November, I spent time getting my Etsy shop back in order and then I embarked on a journey of spinning and knitting like a mad woman making lovely things to gift to my family members, sons, sons' girlfriends, etc. at Christmas. I knit many hats (Simple Pleasures Hat), numerous pairs of fingerless gloves, and scarves and cowls.  And dummy me, I forgot to take pictures before they went off to the recipients.  

Well, then I began spinning and spinning and spinning, in between having lots of needed work done at my house -- wallpaper removal (ugh! ugh! ugh! what a mess!) and then painting and other repairs.  Still working on some upgrades of things, like my dishwasher that decided to give it up last Monday.  

So . . . I have quite a bit of pygora roving that I have been aching to spin. And here is a skein I have named "Chunky Monkey".  Not that the yarn is chunky.  By all means, it is a light fingering weight two-ply.  This is one continuous strand, no knots, 872 yards long, that weighs 12.9 oz.  I think this is a record for me -- the biggest skein I have ever spun.  It look me a little over a week to spin two full bobbins of singles -- spun while watching my friend Margie (who is not a weaver) weave two projects.   Don't even ask how long it took to ply all that.  This yarn is destined to be part of a sweater, and my plan is to divide the skein into about 6 skeins and dye each skein a beautiful pastel or muted color.  I have other skeins of pygora that will make their way into this sweater, too. Stay tuned.  This might be a project to be entered in the fiber competition at Black Sheep Gathering in June.

And I just had to do another Simple Pleasures Hat.  This one is not as slouchy as in the pattern.  What a great take along project.

I've also been wanting to knit a pair of socks again.  So I used two rovings that I bought from my friend, Miryha Runnerstrom (Blarney Yarn) when I visited her at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair in downtown L.A. at the Los Angeles Historic Park.  I think the colorways were "Sunflower" and "Evergreen".  The pattern is from 25 Favorite Socks -- Embossed Leaves Socks.

Then there has been more spinning -- constant spinning -- while I got myself up to speed on Downton Abbey.  Had never watched it and wanted to be all caught up by the time the third season began.  I spun a whole lot of a merino/yak/silk roving that I had dyed randomly, seen below -- the purple, gray, rust and blue roving and then I have been plying it with one thing or another.  This first one is plied with a Blarney Yarn "Iris" in a Blueface Leicester/Silk blend.  
 This next one is plied with another of my randomly handpainted merino/yak/silk rovings.
 And this last skein is plied with one of my "Sargasso Sea" rovings in Polwarth wool/Silk.

And this past week, I have begun handpainting fiber again after taking a little vacation from dyeing. Ordered more fibers, too. I have been doing well on Etsy so my little fiber cubbies are starting to look bare.  I'll be doing lots of dyeing and restocking my Etsy shop.  

So excited -- just two days ago, I had track lighting installed in my upstairs weaving room.  This new found light motivated me to pull out my Ashford table loom and set it up. [Just getting it out puts me in a different mind set.] I have such a collection of interesting Habu yarns that I have been wanting to weave with so I'm going to warp my loom this week.  New year, new adventures.

Can't promise anything, but . . . I will try to be more consistent with my blogging.  


ARTISUN said...

Your upstairs studio looks so empty since the last time I was there, crazy! So good to see you posting again, love the beautiful yarns you've been spinning, and those socks are lovely! Miss you!

Hannah said...

Such beautiful wok, Lori! Love looking at all you wonderful colorways and fibers. My fiber stash is getting a little low, so I might have to visit your etsy shop soon! ;-) BTW - I recently opened an etsy shop myself, you might have seen it, as I added you to my circle. My target demographic is non-knitters, though! :-)
Hannah Merritt Woods