Monday, November 14, 2011

More New Mexico

Thought I would add a few more pictures of the trip Michelle and I took to New Mexico.  These are balls of churro yarn that I bought at the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center.  These were dyed with natural dyes by a local woman, Glenna Dean, who is from Abiquiu.  She used madder root, brazilwood, black walnuts, cottonwood catkins and cota (aka Navajo tea).  These were spun very thin and are used in the native Colcha embroidery.  I plan on using them for stitching and bought a book on Colcha.
This is Michelle adding some fringe to a beautiful felted piece she was working at our B&B in Chimayo.  She included a little Lincoln lamb pelt in the piece.  
While I did some decorative stitching on one of my eco print shawls.
One of our first stops as we pulled into Taos was a beautiful fabric store that we love -- Common Thread.  This is hands down one of the best fabric stores ever.  We bought loads of beautiful silks, cashmere and silk shawls, buttons and ribbons.   

 After spending the night in Santa Fe, our last day took us on a smaller road down through the old silver mining town of Madrid.  It is now a community of artists and is very quaint. Lots of little shops to wander around in.

Since we were on our way to the airport in Albuquerque, and loathed the idea of eating airport food, we stopped at wonderful little Mama Lisa's Cafe, all good freshly homemade food. And, of course, my last opportunity to have New Mexico enchiladas.  

We ate our lunch out on the front patio and enjoyed the pleasant weather.  
As we pulled out of Madrid and started our journey to Albuquerque, a few raindrops began falling and within about 15 minutes we were in a torrential rainstorm, driving through the mountains until we descended into to Albuquerque.  No more exploring -- we went straight to the airport, which turned out to be a wise choice.

I am now in the process of washing the next fleece we bought at the Taos Wool Festival.  This is another CVM/Wensleydale cross and it is jet black.  More pictures when it's done.


kitkatknit said...

What a great trip you're having. We went through Madrid years ago - before it became famous in Wild Hogs.

Pam Carlson said...

ooh, beautiful black fleece.