Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After cooling down and sitting in the dyepot overnight, my bundles were ready to be unrolled. There's always anticipation (and excitement) as I undo each bundle.
This bundle was wrapped around a copper pipe and was a piece of lightweight wool.
Nice clean prints.
Interesting greens from the copper pipe, I think.
The next few pieces were dyed using the nuno felt pieces that I made.
Lovely eucalytus -- vibrant rusty orange prints.
More eucalyptus -- greens and golds.
Love these prints -- various eucalypts and many colors.


deanna7trees said...

beautiful results. i just bought some copper piping to use since i couldn't find an inexpensive copper pot. great idea.

marta traughber said...

i'm glad to see that you're blogging again. Your work is beautiful.

marta traughber said...

happy to read your blog again!

Sarah said...

CLEVER!!!! I love the random effect and color tints and will definitely give it a swirl of play. Thanks for the inspiration :D Are you ready for your fiber show? I remember you said it's a HUGE one. Hope you'll share what you have made for the show before selling out :D