Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our small stitch group met yesterday and had a wonderful time. Again, we were so involved in our discussions and stitching that we almost forgot to eat our lunches. Margie arrived in her beautiful handknit sweater, the result of a fleece she bought at the Monterey County Fair fleece auction.
Close up of the little neck warmer she designed and knitted with her handspun yarn, on which she has done some beautiful stitching.
Michelle brought the quilt she is working on, using pieces of eco print fabrics that we dyed and exchanged.
Close up of her work.
My piece laid on top of Michelle's.
My project for the day was stitching on a piece of nuno felt I made and eco printed.
Michelle pieced together a duster she's working on.
View of the back.
Later, Michelle and I handpainted some 20/2 spun silk in variegated colors to use for stitching on some of our projects.
All dry and skeined out.
Perfect colors for the stitching I want to do on this silk jacket.
Note to self: remember New Year's resolution -- try to blog more.

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Jensters said...

Wow so many goodies to look at...wonderful work.