Friday, January 07, 2011

Haven't blogged for a while, still reeling from the pre-Christmas flooding in our house from the monster rains we had. It was good to have our little stitching group get together on January 3rd -- comforting to have friends around the table stitching and chatting, with a fire going in the fireplace. All snug, the four of us, having the best time, while the rest of my house is in disarray. At least this little part of my world is calm.

A couple weeks prior, Michelle and I had gotten together and shared some of our eco print fabrics.
I had begun stitching my pieces together.
I worked on my piece during our sewing circle, experimenting with some new embroidery stitches. This is a learning experience and every new stitch we try is such fun. Even these little stitches give you such a sense of accomplishment. I love when you get one of those "Ah-ha" moments - like, wow, I figured that one out.
Claudia brought lots of the eco printed garments she has been dyeing. Did I mention the word "obsessed". Here's a jacket she eco printed.

Some lovely stitching with beads she did on the front.
Karen used some rose leaves on one of her eco prints.

Margie stitched with her hand-dyed and handspun yarn on a felted scarf she made -- in which she used some merino fleece she had gotten on her trip to Australia.
Our next sewing circle is scheduled for Monday, February 7th. Can hardly wait to see what our stitchers are working on and creating.

So excited. My 2011 is shaping up for traveling. Shakerag in June to take felting from an awesome Scottish felter, Jeanette Sendler. And the other day, I sent in my application to Haystack Mountain on Deer Isle, Maine, for India Flint's week-long workshop at the end of August. Still waiting to see what Morgaine and Judith have in store for Golden Gate Fiber Institute. Despite the destructive results of the Pineapple Express that rolled through here in December, life still looks pretty good.

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seashells said...

I just love the eco prints and know I'll be trying it sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing.