Sunday, June 27, 2010

One of the events not to be missed when you attend Black Sheep is the Spinner's Lead on Saturday night, emceed by Trish Anderson of Tanglewood Fibers. This is where participants wear a garment that they have made from the fleece of the animal they are leading around the arena. All entries are made of handspun wool or mohair or felted from fibers of their animals. This year there were some especially beautiful garments. And it is always fun to watch the participants leading their animals, sometimes wresting a bit with those that are squirming around and don't want to stand still. Here's a young gal with her handknit vest.
Here are some of the other entries. A handwoven blanket of Jacob wool.
Beautiful handknit shawl. I think this was Blueface Leicester wool.
Handknit vest -- also BFL, I think.
Another amazing handknit shawl.
Beautiful handknit sweater -- and a bit of wresting.
A felted capelet.
A magnificent handknit Estonian shawl.
A cape of Jacob wool. And a felted bowl to feed the sheep.
A handknit lace shawl of Shetland wool.
A beautiful handknit swater with images of sheep -- again Shetland wool.
A very whimsical felted hat.
A sheep wearing a braided rug.
Later, one more post about Black Sheep -- fiber arts entries and swag.

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