Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now that the year is starting to get away from me -- mid-April already!! I have begun working hard towards the shows I will be doing. One of the shows I participate in is Artistic License (the last weekend of October). This is a great arts/crafts venue. I've been working on some felted pieces for AL -- here's a sampling of a couple scarves.
Close up of stitching using my hand-dyed handspun yarns and applique.
Another piece, with dred lock like fringe. Lots of stitching with handspun.

I've also been making up batches of a fiber mix that I call "Pastiche". This can be used by handspinners to create art yarns.
Like this skein --
Another batch of "Pastiche".
Another skein of art yarn.

Here is a skein of "coiled" yarn that I spun using one of my handpainted rovings of merino wool and bombyx silk. I love the little cocoons.
Another skein of "coiled" art yarn. This one was spun using a roving of merino/silk/angora in my colorway "Herb Garden". These are more than fun to spin.
I love these art yarns because they're all one of a kind and very unique. More to come!

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