Saturday, December 06, 2008

It has indeed been a while since I blogged what with my husband having been in the hospital, then recuperating at home and other things taking priority. Even with other things going on, I have been doing fibery things, like lots and lots of spinning and dyeing.  Anyone who spins regularly knows that it really gets you centered and relaxed in stressful times. So, it's not surprising that I found myself drawn to my wheel every time I walked by it.    

I have had a couple of "play dates" with my friend Michelle, who has motivated me to step outside the box. My usual spinning is very controlled and my handspun is more often than not, a very beautiful fingering weight.  Michelle and I have been playing around with odds and ends of fiber and other funky (but really nice) stuff.  She has perfected the art of spinning chunky novelty yarns, which can be seen and purchased in her Etsy shop. Here's the site for her store.

Inspired by Michelle's young, hip, quirky and artsy ways, I tried my hand at spinning some of these novelty yarns and here's what came of it.  My first try was with lots of rainbow colors.

Second try was with lots of greens, teals, dark greens, rusts, oranges and purples.

I actually spun some thick and thin chunkier yarns after spending time with Judith MacKenzie McCuin at Golden Gate Fiber Institute last July.  I have to admit, I am having loads of fun with this.  It's like, okay, we're going to throw in everything but the kitchen sink (almost) and see where this goes.  

And speaking of Golden Gate Fiber Institute, I was so very disappointed to get an email from Morgaine the other day saying that the Winter Intensives were being cancelled -- not enough enrollment to warrant going forward.  I had signed up for a week of Kathryn Alexander.  That would have been so over the top fun. Talk about energetic and inspirational!!  Well, maybe she'll agree to teach in the summer. 

My friend, Margie, has been stopping by each week to warp my big loom with her handspun yarn.  She is making another handwoven blanket.  We finished rolling the warp on the loom the other day and it looks magnificent, so organized.  The next step will be tying onto the front of the loom and then she'll begin weaving.  The wonderful thing about this blanket is that she bought the raw sheep's fleece, washed it, carded it, dyed some of it, and then handspun all the yarn.  This is taking it all the way from sheep to finished blanket.  Here's a picture of progress so far.

And, I have been so happy that my Etsy shop has been keeping me busy, busy.  So many new customers and lots of great repeat customers.  If you have not visited my shop, here's the address:

Among other great Etsy shops is Lynne Vogel's.  She's got some great patterns, including two that I just purchased, "Starry Night Scarf" and "Superruffly". Lynne's shop can be found at:

So, now it's Saturday afternoon and a good time to get my wheel and do some spinning.  

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