Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some time ago I saw a scarf on Ravelry called the Morning Surf Scarf. I really loved it and put it in my favorites folder. But, when I tried swatching the pattern, it just didn't speak to me. Well, I got the new Summer 2008 issue of Spin Off and there on the cover was a Morning Surf Scarf and an article in the magazine called "Handspun Gallery of Morning Surf Scarves." 10 different people knit this scarf and they are lovely. My interest was more than peaked.

Then, when my friend, Pam, emailed me pictures of her Morning Surf Scarf knit with her handspun, I knew I wanted to try it again. So here is my scarf in progress:

Here are the skeins of the handspun that I am using to knit my Morning Surf on a size 4 needle. This yarn was spun using Blueface Leicester rovings -- one was handpainted by Sandy Sitzman and the other was handpainted by me, and I plied the two colorways together.

I so loved Sandy's brightly colored roving and I used it all up in these skeins so I painted one similar to hers. Here's mine and I call the colorway "Periwinkle II" since it reminds me of little sea creatures.

And the other roving I used in these skeins is my colorway "Dragonfly". I always tell spinners to experiment and ply different things together for amazing yarns, and this is the proof that two colorways you might not think go together, make the most wonderful yarn.

The Morning Surf Scarf is really quite easy, even though those long floats look daunting. The pattern called for 76 stitches (multiple of 10 stitches plus 6 stitches), but I chose to do 36 stitches. This is a great and easy project for handspun and I hope some of you will give it a try.
A REMINDER -- The weaving and spinning guild to which I belong will be demonstrating at the Orange County Fair this Tuesday (the 22nd) and Wednesday (the 23rd). I'll be there with several of my friends on Tuesday spinning so if anyone comes to the fair on those days, please stop by our booth in the Home and Hobbies Building No. 4.


jillian said...

It's beautiful!

Khalila said...

I've had my eye on that scarf too. I just don't have enough handspun yet to make it. Guess I'll have to spin more fiber!