Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just a short posting today to let you know that I have posted some new handpainted rovings and yarns, along with patterns, on my fiber blog []
So please take a look.

Also, I just checked out Lynne Vogel's blog this morning and she has a picture of the most gorgeous crocheted vest that she is working on. [] This project is especially dear to my heart because the yarns she is using were left over from our "Four Corners" sweater, pictured below. Lynne knit the "intarsia" parts of the sweater; and I knit the "fair isle" parts and we used over 60 differently plied handspun yarns, all from the rovings that we dyed together.

Since there wasn't enough of our yarn left to complete the vest, I dyed more of the rovings we used in that sweater so that Lynne could spin what she needs. She and I did a fiber swap a couple weeks ago and I'm spinning the rovings I received from her and plan to use those in a Kaffe Fassett waistcoat. Lynne's vest, when completed, is going to be an absolute stunner. I'm drooling and hope that maybe there will be a pattern.

So I'm off to work on projects this afternoon. It's actually a glorious Fall?? day so I think I may need to get out there and walk around, too.

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