Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here are some pictures of the new sock yarn that I brought in to La Petite Knitterie last week. I had forgotten my camera on Saturday so I went in yesterday to take some pictures. I am so excited because we have had the most positive feedback on these new yarns.

While at LPK, I took a picture of some of the handspun yarns that La Petite carries. These are true artisan yarns from our local handspinners and from Lynne Vogel (author of The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook). There are some luscious 100% angora yarns, many of which are the subtle natural colors of the angora rabbit and some dyed. There are also skeins of handspun kid mohair (with locks) and other fiber blends from our fellow spinner, Margie "MaBelle", from Laguna Beach, and skeins from Karen, Pam, Miryah, and of course Kat, who owns LPK.

Last night (Tuesday) was the monthly social knit and wine tasting at the Reserve Wine Bar next door. We knit and socialize and then around 8:00 p.m., we move to the Reserve and have a glass of wine or champagne and some good eats. We had a really nice group last evening and Martha brought her friend, Josephine, from South Dakota, who seemed to have a great time hanging out with us.

And, here are pictures of a couple of scarves I finally finished in which I used my hand-dyed yarn. The coral scarf was knit by stranding a silk/kid mohair yarn with a dupioni silk. The pale green scarf used the silk/kid mohair double stranded. The yarns were laceweight and the scarves are very light and airy.

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So beautiful!